Premier League has signed a new three year sponsorship deal with Britain's Barclays bank. Barclays Premier League will be the official Bank of the Premier League from 2017 to 2019. Hope the Premier League to take this opportunity to get better. source: HBONike SB Renewal Collection tushang 2014-05-06 22:41:51 Nike is always good at innovation and fusion technology. The Nike will skate shoes and Air & nbsp; Max Air technology integration, and thus created a Nike SB Renewal & nbsp; Collection series of shoes, the innovation derived shoes were Nike SB & nbsp; P-Rod 7 Hyperfuse Max, Nike Stefan Janoski Max and Nike & nbsp; Eric Koston 2 Max. Where Nike SB P-Rod 7 Hyperfuse Max shoes use a Nike Air Max 1 midsole. More available information we will continue to bring you, like a friend, please sustained attention. Jordan Hamilton on foot Nike Zoom Flight The Glove 2013-12-08 23:44:11 Last week, NBA legend Gary & nbsp; Peyton classic boots & nbsp; Nike Zoom Flight The Glove finally lead engraved sale in North America, and the day befo Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping re yesterday in the preseason, the Nuggets junior teenager, striker & nbsp; Jordan Hamilton then this classic boots on the feet, and within 16 minutes played efficiently scored 15 points, do not know you feel & nbsp; on foot demonstration of how Jordan Hamilton? A few days ago to introduce the Earl Thomas Jordan Brand for wearing the Air Jordan 6 PE build preparing for the Super Bowl tournament spy, today the network is exposed to build its Jordan Brand Air Jordan 7 football shoes PE war boots, hoping to help him complete the defending feat, shoes overall choice of the Seahawks colors presented, modified whole green and blue patent leather and sketched out a line portion, and finally metallic silver outsole presents a whole exudes a strong offensive. Durant network of drying Air Jordan 5 "Oregon Ducks" 2013-12-09 00:01:23 Recently, we often see on this & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 "Oregon Ducks" message, this shoe is Jordan Brand for the Oregon Ducks NCAA team players and to create an exclusive version. Recently, however, Cheap air jordans for sale the Thunder headed star Durant was drying out on the Internet received their latest & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 "Oregon Ducks", it seems as players, welfare really a lot ah, if you look Duran Special future personally demonstration on foot a little bit?Star Games Zhang Jun Ning shoe edge of Nike sports shoes to attend its road race events 2014-04-11 09:15:06 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: China Brand Fashion Network] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network April 11 hearing, Zhang Jun Ning and dressed in sports shoes and apparel to attend its NIKE road race events, rumor Reebok originally intended as the latest annual spokesperson find her, but she always wear NIKE debut last change vendors find Sonia for endorsement was snatched rumors, Zhang Jun Ning largely rebutted those claims with a smile: & quot; Running is the most important thing. & Quot; Zhang Jun Ning is currently rolling play both sides, both by running pressure release filming, she said: & quot; running and acting like the need to accumulate Retro jordans for sale , I liked the morning run, enjoy feeling full of energy after exercise. & Quot; news that she had been robbed Sonia Reebok endorsement, Zhang Jun Ning agent, said: & quot; 2011 she participated in the San Francisco Marathon start and NIKE have close contacts, who wear the vendor sponsorship. & Quot; Preferred endorsement of Reebok saying do not respond. Zhang Jun ??? force to the circle of friends Zheng Yuan Chang, Peter Ho to promote long-distance running, and today is also on-site reporter shouted: & quot; you have to participate WE RUN TPE road race, one less Oh & quot; she said that this year's goal is to complete 42! Full Mamalasong km race. (Media Partner: shoe image) Related newsin the last 10 years, along with the economic take-off, China people's life improved, many ordinary commercial shoes have been unable to meet the more severe Sneaskerheads. and then slowly toward the difficulty of player version (PE) of the road. The SIZE (size) in an exclusive interview with the Beijing collector Han Rui, let we learned how to influen Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ce the China shoes culture young friend.HYboutique- Han Rui via? Http:// Id=2087?Nike for the marathon breaking 2 goals launched Breaking2 project triggered its running shoes to the concept of revolution, Zoom VaporFly Elite led a series of running shoes and ZoomX soles caused everyone's attention. Now, in order to commemorate the pioneering work of Breaking2, the brand has launched NikeLab Zoom Fly SP specially, recording the dribs and drabs of this plan. At present, shoes are expected to be sold abroad in June 8th, and interested friends can purchase them at and designated stores. NikeLab Zoom Fly SP Zoom Vaporfly Elite is a prototype created by the difference in the use of elastic woven fabric for translucent vamp (stretch-woven) to achieve the lightweight and breathable effect, both born to run shoes, is a natural disposition in the bottom be nothing difficult, shock proof material, plus Lunarlon the whole foot length of carbon fiber sheet, heel wear rubber soled, reduce the burden of 10 Retro jordans for sale mm heel tendon Argiris design, equipped with the corresponding performance of running and training needs. Do you understand the meaning of the pattern?In addition to the performance of NikeLab Zoom Fly SP configuration, the biggest characteristic lies in adding a lot of text and drawings, for example by Nike Jeff Johnson in 1976, the first employee Nike Swoosh designed windmill totem, symbol Breaking2 challenge Monza track pattern, marathon end point line flag pattern symbol, represents the courage to try to break the two hour marathon limit digital clock design, used to describe the Breaking2 project. In addition the tongue words do not have meaning, according to official data show that its meaning is as follows: - FAST - Nike FAST Running membership shoes series represents the concept of product innovation for as one of the top players of Nike group, LeBron James signature shoes has come to the fourteenth generation, the company has so far launched "Black Ice" contains a variety of color, such as with the James player I limited, a cheap jordan shoes for men nd less estimated at least 10 to color appearance. Recently, Nike introduced the new color LeBron 14 '2015' again, allowing the operators to have another choice. Nike LeBron 14 "2015" inspired by the classic movie "back to the future" second concentration appeared Nike Mag, the background in the story of the movie is set in 2015 to lead through time and space, have automatic shoelace future shoes Nike Mag, the LeBron 14 graft grey shoes with translucent blue outsole design, and insole printed with red and yellow green, showing a Nike pattern, Mag heel side of great science fiction flash design, so the design inspiration and even many foreign websites directly called the 14 generation of double "Mag". LeBron 14 is the first use of signature shoes, socks design styles, shoes with lightweight, coated as the core concept of building, block Zoom and Air from the beginning of the 12 generation enabled continuous evolution, and enhance the performance on the pitch. Nike LeBron 14 '2015' is currently on sale at foreign and designated sto cheap jordans for sale mens res, as will be reported in Taiwan. source: NikeReebok, Classic, Instapump, Fury, OB, Taiwan area will be on sale in July 23rd, model: 02-27410175. We collate Reebok Taiwan for you, Facebook in the sales outlets announced, the actual selling methods, mechanisms and location changes, please notice to the store. - Reebok Dunnan flagship store (Murmansk Dundun south two stores) - million Yue breeze Nanjing shop - Baode Beijing station - - million Yue Banqiao address: No. 28, Call New Taipei Itabashi Station Road (02): -29527366 and Reebok - Baode taimaw address: - Baode foodchina - - you run Reebok Only - seven - Baode Taichung, phone address: 22-1, Taichung City Taiping Road (04): -22540237 - a dream perhaps you sometimes on the Internet to see who won several pairs of new shoes, or several walls which players in Air Jordan shoes will feel quite envious, want to say can be Jordan Brand sign is so lucky, you can have a lot of limited however, when the product, role conversion, sometimes as an occupation play cheap jordans online er's point of view, is not the case. it might be a story of brand influence and the player's own ideas. each brand has a distinctive image spokesperson, but Jordan Brand is quite special in this respect. Even though Jordan Brand does not have the longest history compared with other brands, the impact of Jordan Brand on the brand and the brand spirit are far-reaching. on the Michael Jordan story fans should be very familiar with, leaving a lot of blood battle and classic stories were widely praised in the NBA fighting career in basketball culture has great influence in the world. When we put the signings lined up, from the big brother Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Kawhi to Leanord and more recently all aspects of the evolution of Russell Westbrook et al., each of which is the team's main players, but also one of the star alliance. However, Jordan Brand's signing Michael Jordan can not get rid of the shadow often, when we see their signature shoe, and Logo with India into the eyes of the trapeze, who is your first tho cheap jordans for sale ught player? I think the answer should be very clear. Everyone is the first player in mind, or Michael, Jordan. even in the signature shoes has its own exclusive logo, which runs through the whole pair of shoes or the spirit of a trapeze signs, even Jordan Brand at the beginning of a selection of players, the player must conform to the spirit of the brand are eligible., who are looking at foreign shoe news, should all be like the little ones, and love the special edition of the Kicks version of the Nice, which can make people appreciate the beauty of the PE version through pictures and simple text. , known as' Manimal ', a half orc, Kenneth Faried, was named for his best physical ability, and both ends of the game were able to contribute, and he gradually got his feet on the gold nuggets. At the beginning of the season, the choice of Adidas Crqzyquick 3, from the current competition has been observed into the shape of quite avant-garde Light EM UP 2. Designed by Dillon Patrick Light EM UP 2 with asymmetric patterns, making use of one t cheap foamposites ype of the shoe body and the tongue provides perfect fusion, cladding, shock absorber is collocation bounce technology. In addition, Patrick is also the designer of D Rose Dominate. As for Adidas, the player's version of the Faried includes the main, guest and second off the road, which is quite complete. On the tongue picture by Faried with the word "Manimal" with the orcs to show the full picture, Faried beast breath. source: Nice KicksInnovative Comfortemp professional technology cool sense of material, to stimulate the summer running speed potentialSince its announcement of its brand new manifesto Forever Faster in 2014, PUMA has been pushing to develop its position in the field of professional sports, hoping to become the fastest sport brand in the minds of consumers. In February this year, PUMA published IGNITE super shoes in New York, running on the occasion of the second season for the feast, PUMA published IGNITE second wave PWRCOOL technology run frozen series of new PWRCOOL innovation, emphasizing the combination of IGNITE technology run frozen super elastic soles, by the world's first flying Boulter (Usain Bolt) personal recommendation, the main summer running professional equipment. Stimulate the runners in the summer running speed potential. PUMA new IGNITE PWRCOOL series by Open Airmesh run frozen breathable mesh cloth vamp and tongue, medial and middle insole placement Comfortemp? Professional technical sense of material, microcapsules cooling material in the fibers of the fabric, can change the automatic induction temperature, adjust the cooling body heat, the runners in the movement to keep in the temperature range comfortable inside. In addition to Comfortemp? Professional science and technology innovation and application of the sense of material, IGNITE PWRCOOL also uses integrated PUMA exclusive IGNITE super elastic outsole provides excellent comfort and excellent energy feedback effect in the process of running, with the sole pattern design ForEverFoam high shock absorber material placement and bottom arrow type moment, effectively absorb shock, start landing an energy feedback feedback, as the runners in the summer sun and bring unimaginable Biao frozen feeling. In addition to using PWRCOOL running technology in professional jogging shoes, PUMA also brings PWRCOOL technology into this season's professional sports apparel. In the professional sports apparel sewing inner Comfortemp? Professional technology sense of material, through the induction of changes in humidity and temperature start PWRCOOL cooling function, effectively reduce the runners in the process of movement generated by sporadic body heat discomfort. "It's always been the mission of PUMA to develop products that allow athletes to be comfortable and athletic," says Karin Baust, manager of PUMA's global professional sports division. "The PWRCOOL run freeze technology was born. PWRCOOL can effectively help athletes maintain a great sense of comfort at high temperatures, allowing athletes to concentrate more on the sport itself and maximize their potential. In addition, PUMA has long worked with many of Jamaica's international short, medium, and long range athletes, which has enabled PUMA to have the best thermal environment for field testing during the development of the PWRCOOL run freeze technology. International Olympics 〉 brand Publish School last week just released after their latest spring 2017 series False Heroes, consistent style, and joined the military, asymmetry, gender and other elements, the bright yellow throughout the series, the day also has many celebrities to watch live, like designer friend Eugene Tong, Miami Dwyane Wade, American football star Victor Cruz, the fashion and sports circle, in addition to the fashion show, another highlight of everyone's attention is two by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne foot shoes, Publish School x Air Jordan was 1 Low NS! Under the black tone, joined with the spring and summer series of echoes of goose yellow embellishment, you can see insoles and heel printed with Publish School logo, people can not help but look forward to two brands again joint cooperation. source: maxwellosborne / Hypebeast